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WELCOME TO Sue’s WALKS on the Isle of Wight

‘ Walking is man’s best medicine.’ Hippocrates

‘ When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.’ A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Sue’s walks on the Isle of Wight is dedicated to walking on the Isle of Wight. Walking has always been my passion and discovering places right on my doorstep is, I suspect, something most of us are now familiar with, since those lockdowns. In Sue’s amazing walks I present a collection of varying lengths, from 1 – 2 hours mornings and afternoons to a whole day. The choice is yours.

Visit my news page for up-to-date information on my amazing Isle of Wight walks this autumn and winter. Or sign up for my newsletter (see below) or just email me at for further information.

The scope of my walks can be seen on the walks page (select Walks from the above menu). If you have a particular walk that is not listed here, then use the contact form to tell me about it. I may be able to add it if sufficient people are interested.

So, why sign up for one of my walks?

  1. Peace of mind – leave the stress to me! Each walk is carefully planned and checked out beforehand so that we don’t encounter any surprises of the unwanted variety i.e. path closures, electric fences, knee-deep mud to name but a few! Plus of course knowing where I’m going which always helps!
  2. It’s a walk and talk experience so you will learn all about where we go. All the research is done for you AND there is a FREE quiz available off the website to everyone on the walk.
  3. Great company! Whilst appreciating the appeal of the lone walker (I’ve done plenty of this myself) I do think its generally more fun with others – and a great opportunity to make new friends.
  4. Learn about alternative routes and places to visit. You will undoubtedly want to revisit the area and I am happy to point out extensions or shorter versions of the route we do on the day – plus other walks in the surrounding area.
  5. Local information – it’s always useful to know the best places to go re: pubs, restaurants etc.
  6. And perhaps most important, I offer a reliable friendly service. I am always happy to answer questions and share my experiences of the Island.

I did ask the Isle of Wight Walking Festival organisers to rate how I performed at their event and I am happy to say it was as follows:

Sue is a wonderful Walk Leader. She was great to work with during the Isle of Wight Walking Festival this summer and hosted three different – and interesting – walks for us.

Sue is hugely engaging, fun and plans special and carefully thought-out routes, with the best views (…and the best pubs!). Walking with Sue is a lovely experience and a fantastic way to explore the Island – and discover some hidden gems.

Sarah and Jo, Co Project Managers IWWF21

How is it all going to work?

I am currently putting together a kind of ‘programme of events’ – the events of course being walk-centred.

I anticipate shortly to be able to offer a full schedule of walks focusing (a) on different areas of the Island (b) on different themes such as:

  • Smugglers
  • Dinosaurs
  • Famous Literary Characters
  • Famous Scientists
  • Coast Walks
  • Walks Around or near Historic Places e.g. Carisbrooke Castle


Random themes like ghosts and pubs!

Plus seasonal themes such as Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn; Christmas, Easter etc.

Method of Payment:

Initially, I am going to do this on a Donation-basis.

This is currently a work in progress – I am adding on walks all the time. Whilst there will be a Schedule available very soon, I am happy to run ad hoc walks in the meantime so please do feel free to contact me.

I have just received this comment from a lady I know on the mainland and it highlights, I think, what my service can provide:

‘I’ve had a look at your fabulous website and will definitely be in touch if I’m coming over to the Island.  I also love walking, especially by the sea, but am always a bit nervous of setting out on my own in case I get lost so I tend to stick to sea fronts or National Trust routes, which at least have the advantages of parking, toilets and tea shops/ice cream!’ 

As I said above, the majority of my walking has been solo – an adventure of discovery for me as I am new to the Island – but I totally appreciate the reservations other single ladies have – or ladies with partners who are not so keen on walking as they are.

My hope is that my walks will provide something for everyone – couples and singles alike!

Sample walks

Shanklin circular
Shanklin circular
Walks Isle of Wight
Walking on the  Isle of Wight
Shanklin to Luccombe Low-tide
Walking Events


Weekly walks on the Isle of wight


Never miss a life-changing walk again!


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