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Borthwood Copse to Alverstone Circular

Borthwood Copse to Alverstone Circular

Borthwood Copse to Alverstone Circular

A STROLL to alverstone

DISTANCE-4 mile| DIFFICULTY-Easy | TIME-2 hours plus.

Borthwood Copse to Alverstone is a lovely simple walk along well defined non-muddy footpaths – quite difficult to come by at this time of the year. I enjoyed this walk a lot more than I had anticipated – it was a very stormy day and I really just chose it as a local short stroll. In the event I was so glad to have braved the elements as I was rewarded with something really special – an incredibly close up red squirrel encounter at Alverstone Nature Reserve. I had been lucky another time I did this route, again getting really close to several of these beautiful creatures. This time it was just one but I was able to spend an amazing  15 minutes watching his efforts to extract a nut that had got caught in the wood – I spotted it after he’d given up and left. Such moments really make a walk though it was a really pleasant stroll through different terrains anyway.

Definitely one I’ll be doing soon – and hopefully strike gold again with wildlife!

St Helens Isle of Wight


The unexpected!


the needles


Sunday 17th of October, Great circular walk from stunning viewpoint to Niton (White Lion and Buddle Inn, via tunnels) and back along the coastal path, with optional Wight Mouse at the end. ut what’s the real problem we’re trying to solve here?



Always magnificent especially at low tide where fabulous rock pools emerge. The cliff faces and rock formations are breathtaking – especially ‘that building’ teetering on the very edge’ ..!

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