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Festival Walk Sunday 8th October 2023 Colwell to Needles to Freshwater to Yarmouth and back to Colwell

Isle of white walk 2023

Fab day! Yes, I’ve done this walk many times before but each time I do it I see and experience something different! That’s the magic of walking!

My recce the week before, whilst giving me reassurance that the route was still there (always a good thing!) also provided me with a wonderful close-up visual of one of the Islands many beautiful creatures – a lizard (I’m not going to give it its full name – … as its not common, or not to me anyway – truly special!)

On Sunday we saw a red squirrel along the Yar estuary – I’ve never seen one along there before; and close-ups, albeit of a less welcome kind, of a large number of ladybirds! I say ‘less welcome’ as this particular variety seems to have got confused with mosquitos – and actually bit! I got a warning of this from another walker, coming towards me, and was about to share the information with the group when one of them yelled ‘Ouch!’ Too late. Thankfully ‘the bites’ were just an irritant – but, again, not something I’ve experienced before on a walk, leading it or otherwise!

Happy to say ladybirds were the only unwelcome company on the day! I was treated to a lovely friendly group of 20 – many of whom persevered right up to the end. Well done to the kids – another first for me – they didn’t just keep up but positively put me through my paces! They were a pleasure to have on board and it was nice to have a mix of ages.

The weather was just unbelievable – not a cloud in the sky all day – showing all the views off to their finest vantage.

A huge thank you to all those who took part – and thank you for ignoring the bloke we met along the way who said (to the group) ‘You want to hear her when she’s sober’!!! This, just after I’d jokingly suggested a stop off at the Red Lion just across the causeway from where we were standing!

Looking forward to the Spring 2024 Festival!


Feedback from the walk

Thank you so much for facilitating and leading the walk yesterday – and escorting us to the bus for the final stretch. Lizzie and I had a really great time and thoroughly enjoyed it – we both had stiff legs and sore feet but were very happy. It was lovely getting to see the island with someone who is so knowledgeable about it.

….and huge thanks to you for hosting such a memorable and enjoyable day. Nicola and Lizzie

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