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My Feedback from Festival!

Where do I start? Maybe just to say, it was the best!

I did question my own sanity in submitting four new walks as the starting date neared; so, it’s good to report back, after the event – absolutely no regrets!

Quick resume:

  1. Saturday May 7 Freshwater Loop of 8
  2. Sunday May 8 Ventnor to St. Lawrence Loop
  3. Saturday May 14 Colwell to Alum Bay
  4. Sunday May 15 Carisbrooke Circular

All four were fully booked. I’d just like to repeat what I said to those attending – it’s always worth contacting me if you want to join me (but see the walk is fully booked) as people do drop out at the last moment – and I can normally accommodate a few more. In the event, three of the four were ‘full attendance’ and the only reason Walk number 4 wasn’t, was because of dire weather conditions – a few folk deciding against ‘braving it’ and I couldn’t blame them for that – a group of us huddled under that tree at the beginning must have been a truly sad sight!

Weatherwise, we were truly lucky for three out of four days – the sun shone all day for both Ventnor and Alum Bay walks. Freshwater, the first walk was dry and the sun did come out for our sandwiches on the beach and with such a friendly crowd on board, it was a lovely way to kick off the festival.

The final walk was just amazing for the fact it was such fun, against all the odds. The rain came down unremittingly, the whole duration – but it did nothing to dampen the spirits of those attending who kept smiling all the way through. A true measure of walkers’ wonderful spirit of grit and resilience! To say nothing of a strong sense of humour!

Judging by the amazing feedback I have had, it seems everyone enjoyed the walks as much as I did – which keeps me going.

I’m hoping to produce a programme of walks for the summer, including round the Island options – that is my next project and I will let everyone know when I have it sorted.

So, that just leaves me to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who took part. You really were the happiest, friendliest people and I feel lucky to have made so many lovely new friends.

So, until the next time – Happy Hiking!


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