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New Boots

New Boots

Dec 4th 2021

New Boots. Busy day today after a crazy week on the mainland – chasing a dental appointment that never happened! Quick background: after the shock of private dental charges, I returned to NHS one on the mainland (£65 as opposed to £350) – got necessary two appointments for treatment (namely, tooth extraction) within the week – only to turn up for the second one and find it had been cancelled due to their being no available dental nurse (caught in traffic on the motorway). Next appointment – January 16th!

Today, beautiful walk around Carisbrooke Castle – the third one I’ve done in the locality and this one is definitely the best.  Now getting primed for Booster in Shanklin followed by Christmas party – only 3 of original party going due to COVID. Joy!

One other thing to share with you. A very disappointing recent trip to Mountain Warehouse in Ryde – NO ladies walking boots AT ALL and situation the same apparently at Newport branch! You have to ask yourself, WHY? (When I asked in the store  I was told it was because there was no demand for walking boots, only trainers .. which frankly I find hard to believe … and shouldn’t an outdoors gear shop stock walking boots, anyway? Well, the good news is that at JD Sports in Southampton the choice is infinite. I couldn’t believe it – and I got a great pair of boots for £32 – reduced from £65. Very happy outcome – but seriously, I of W Mountain Warehouse? Surely you can do better than customers having to pay for pair of boots ordered online? I personally would never buy boots this way as I, ludicrously enough, like to try them on first!

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