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November 4th St. Helen’s Circular 2 hour, 2 miles

St Helens Isle of Wight

This was a lovely walk – quite a high tide but we still made it across the causeway in plenty of time – no wet suits required, I’m happy to report! It was quite ‘breezy’ along the beach at the Duver but we were rewarded by a nice hot cuppa in The Vine to finish up with! Plus stopping at the wonderful Goose bookshop of which I seem to be becoming quite a regular – clearing the shelves of local history!

Had a chance meeting with the Bembridge Wheelers, all set to cycle off from the car park at the same time as my walk began. I had joined this happy gang on a couple of previous occasions will only be re-joining once I have updated my old boneshaker as it really struggled to keep up with the electric variety last time I went! Plus I’m not one to feel comfortable struggling along at the back! Lovely friendly group, maybe I’ll see some of them on my walks in future – swapping feet for pedals!

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