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brilliant Shanklin to Landslip walk


Beautiful Circular walk


October 9 Shanklin to Landslip walk. My first walk for Isle of Wight Walking Festival as Walk Leader and it was brilliant, the most fun I’ve had in ages! The sun shone all day and everyone was still smiling at the end! I’d planned it to the nth degree – totally OTT – but miraculously the estimated times all worked and we got back in plenty of time, with the option of continuing which was a lovely add on to the day. After a walk along Shanklin Esplanade (great ice creams sitting on seawall) and back via Chine Inn (nothing like a fine Isle of Wight ale to round off a walk – forget all the calories ice cream plus beer put back on!) – I think we all slept well that night!

But to return to the official walk it did prove to be beautiful, with stunning views of Shanklin/Sandown and Culver plus that great one overlooking Ventnor at the top of Boniface Down. Packed lunch on the lawn near the Smugglers Haven was perfect in blissful sunshine and we didn’t meet anyone coming up the Devil’s Chimney which was a relief! Everyone we met, including couples at both Wishing Seat and final viewpoint, were very friendly and fine about the large group arriving at their spot of peace and tranquillity!

The only major incident to report was yours truly stepping backwards, whilst facing group, into a large cow pat! (Highly ironic as I’d joked at the beginning about ‘everyone taking part at their own risk – which included stepping in cowpats!’) Could only happen to me!

The next walk I’m leading is Smuggler’s Inn Walk next Sunday 17th; followed by Walk from Yaverland to Culver Down on following (last) Tuesday 19th, so plenty of research on smugglers and dinosaurs to keep me busy before then! (Wondering why I didn’t opt to do the same walk three times, on three different days … but this has only just occurred to me! I never do things the easy way!)

There are plenty of spaces left on the Smugglers Walk and I’m hoping to do lots of walks in future – check out or just drop me a line on if you are interested in going on a walk any time soon!

Take care and

Keeeeep Walkin!




Great Downs and Coastal walking .. with a few steps thrown in for good measure!