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Tuesday 16th November Walk along to Bembridge Lifeboat Station

Sues walks

Rather bizarrely, I have dentists appointment to thank for the early start to my day! Course, that was the good part – I’ll leave ‘treatment’ for another time!

So the sun was shining, the sea was sparking – so what else could I do but set off on the coastal path, starting at the beautiful beach near Pilot Inn. Tide was fully up so I opted to do the inner coastal path which proved most fortuitous re: first great ‘meeting’ of the day – with a lovely lady living opposite one of the mansions on this bit of the coast. One hour later (yes, it’s amazing how much I can find to talk about to complete strangers!) I set off again, had lunch at the bench looking over to the Bembridge Lifeboat Station – which was my halfway point (only open 2-4 pm in the winter). Headed back via another long chat this time with metal detector who very kindly told me how it all works – different tone bleep for different kinds of metal – his pickings for the day, one Roman coin plus broach.

On getting back to where I’d parked the car, I walked on up into the village where a certain ‘piano playing’ drew me into a wonderful art shop, enjoying my third fascinating meeting of the day – lovely guy, a sample of whose artwork I include as the last pic – summing up my own Island Adventure feelings: Make your own dreams on the Isle of Wight.

So, what should have been a brief stroll around midday had me returning to my car as the light was fading, at 4 pm! But that’s the great thing about walks – you’re never quite sure where they’ll take you!

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