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Children in need

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Another year of Children in Need craziness! Although there is a serious element – the fundraising – I do always use this week in November as a good excuse to indulge in a little madness! In previous years this has included dancing in Winchester High Street (got into the local papers that year!) and wearing a tutu around Winchester all week which included shopping and a night at the opera!

There are numerous pictures of what I have got up to on my website but I can now show a few photos taken this last week, here in my new home on the Isle of Wight. Although most are from the two walks I did, I have also included 2 Zumba pics just to show what I get up to when I’m not in walking boots!

Walk I

Friday 19th November

Children in Need Walk – Sandown Wildheart Animal Sanctuary to Culver and Back

A couple of anxious moments at the beginning waiting outside ‘zoo’ – then realised there were no enclosures suitable for keeping a zebra so I wasn’t at any immediate risk (did I mention I was dressed in a zebra onesie?!)

Lovely walk up to the top of Culver and back again.

Walk 2

Saturday 20th November

Again, starting 10.30 outside Wildheart Animal Sanctuary and doing a loop up to Shanklin and back. Incredibly mild for this time of the year – zebra onesie more than keeping me warm as we walked along the esplanade and then back along the top.

I did get a few acknowledgements from other pedestrians that I was wearing something a little strange – but generally, I guess people are used to seeing zebras walking this stretch? Judging, that is, from, for the most part, total lack of reaction … there were, after all, tigers that used to be exercised along Yaverland .. so what’s the odd zebra to anyone?

Lovely walks and lovely company and I am proud to announce that my total for the week was £223!

P.S. Another thanks to my lovely Zumba ladies – we had such fun in our pyjamas!

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