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Walk the Wight May 14th 2023

Isle of white boot

Walk the Wight May 14th 2023

Second half – Carisbrooke to Alum Bay 14 miles with Dave Fairlamb’s group, Natural Links.

I did the first half, Bembridge to Carisbrooke a couple of years ago; so when Dave said he was going to do a nature walk taking in the second half of Walk the Wight, it seemed the perfect opportunity to complete ‘the walk’ even though I’ve done it unofficially before when I did the Tennyson Trail which is the same route; and in great company – Dave’s walks are always friendly and informative.

Weatherwise it was a rather weird day – bursts of sunshine mixed in with mist which thickened into a real peasouper when we got to Freshwater Bay and climbed the last stretch, up onto Tennyson Down and then down to Alum Bay. I had been in two minds about completing this last stretch as I’d done a fairly lengthy stretch of the North Downs the day before, but the cake provided by a lovely couple from Natural Links near the golf club at Freshwater Bay convinced me I could do the next 4 miles without running the risk of Zumba class cancellation the next day due to overdoing it! As it turned out, it was more the burnt-red face which made me think twice about facing my class – some heavy make up the only medicine required in the event!

One of the fun things about doing a walk is you never know who you’re going to bump into – a young lad who’d walked from Trafalgar Square to Westerham on the North Downs Way on Saturday due to the rail strike; and Charlie Chaplin, No. 1 on his Walk the Wight label, on Sunday! Lovely guy who told me the I of W challenge was harder than the London marathon – due to the elevation on I of W which wasn’t obviously encountered on the capital route.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering about the ‘boat photos’ – that was on the way over to the Island on Saturday evening when I not only had the whole sundeck to myself but I got an invite into the Captain’s bridge! Magic!

And so for my next challenge – next Sunday, leading a group of Festival walkers from Colwell to Alum Bay, to Freshwater Bay, to Yarmouth and then back along the coastal path. Looking forward to it – but I’ll be wearing sunscreen on my face this time!

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