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Walking Festival 2022-Freshwater and ventnor walks i and ii

Walking Festival 2022

Wahoo! It’s here again! So love this festival – even if a tad different from all the Readings, Knebworths, Glastonburys etc I attended in my youth – but definitely up there with a different kind of excitement – in my case, having the privilege of taking some of the walks – 3 walks in October, another 4 this May!

Two down – two to go as I write!

  1. Freshwater Figure of 8 Loop from Fort Victoria and back, along both sides of the Yar estuary and taking in magnificent views of Freshwater Bay and Tennyson Down beyond. Sun came out for our lunch by the beach and we had an end of walk treat at the Fort Victoria café at the end, sitting out in the sunshine.
  2. Ventnor to St. Lawrence and back loop – not a cloud in the sky all day! Fab walking conditions and another end of walk treat – this time in the Spyglass Inn sitting out in the baking heat – with a  pint of course, well earned!

Lovely friendly, appreciative folk on both walks and both well attended – around 30 for each.

Next two are at the weekend – hope the weather lasts! They are:

  1. Colwell Common to Alum Bay
  2. Carisbrooke Castle Circular

Although all these walks have been fully booked, there are always folk who can’t make it so its definitely worth contacting me or the organisers to see if you can be added – most of the time that’s fine.

This week I’m going on some other walks – not led by me, so more opportunity to dawdle! Today it’s a circular around Shanklin and Sandown; tomorrow around Newtown Creek; Wednesday the Beaver Walk and Thursday Jimi Hendrix – well, info on the 1970 festival, maybe not the artists attending!

Hope to see some of you on the above!


Hi Everyone

I’m halfway through my Isle of Wight Walking Festival walks (2 down, 2 to go!) and have been overwhelmed with the response/feedback I have received. This has acted as a bit of a catalyst to spur me on with walking ideas that have been ‘brewing in my brain’ for some time – including the inclusion of pubs!

There seems to be quite a lot of interest in walking around the Island – but at a pace that will accommodate those not wishing to march 20 miles plus a day – and include pubs (did I mention that before?!). I will need a bit more time to organise the following but it may well shape up into something like this:

Day 1: Yarmouth to Freshwater 9.5 miles

Day 2:    Freshwater to Chale 12 miles

Day 3 Chale to Shanklin 11 miles

Day 4 Shanklin to … prob Bembridge/Seaview

Day 5 Onto Cowes

Day 6: Cowes to Shalfleet

Day 7: Shalfleet to Yarmouth

None of the above is set in tablets of stone – just a rough overview, not including pubs and bus stops, and some mileage – I’ll obviously have to reccie all of this.

I have lots of ideas about ‘walking packages’ including:

  1. A complete circuit of the Island in 7 days – around 10 miles a day – something like above.
  2. A set of coastal circular walks – like I did Ventnor to St. Lawrence on Sunday
  3. A set of trail walks across the Island – linear
  4. As a set of trail circulars

All around 10 miles and with … yes, a pub at the end!

Packages will include me! Plus transport/accommodation suggestions plus lots of information about the Island.

So, that’s the ‘work in progress. Maybe ready June/July/August?

Feel free to drop me a line anytime with ideas, comments, observations – always happy to talk walking!


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